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The first INAN prerelease version has been released at SourceForge!
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Well, I have been getting a hassle from a company named C & R Technologies because they sell some software named Sinaps. I am trying to appreciate that they must protect their trademarks and all of that, but our legal system is seriously broken when a lawyer would even try and argue that a paying customer might become confused about the difference between a mostly-abandoned, poor-quality Open Source software project and what I presume is a professionally written and marketed piece of software. Well, kudos to the crack legal team at C & R - they bullied me into changing the name of my project from "Sinaps" (not to be confused with their product that has NOTHING to do with web portals) to INAN, which is short for "I Need A Name". For what it is worth, the guy who has been e-mailing me from C & R seems to have a soul; he is just stuck doing a thankless job.

Welcome to the INAN website! After a long hiatus followed by a burst of frenzied development, things are starting to come together. I do not have a projected release date for INAN, but I have posted a pre-alpha version on the Sourceforge site. You may access it by following the "Downloads" link above.


20 November 2000 : I now have a MySQL database here at SourceForge, and I will work on getting an INAN demonstration site set up this week. Also, new documenation on the polls and presentations APIs is available in the documentation section.

17 November 2000 : New documentation on the boxes API is available in the documentation section.

16 November 2000 : I rolled out this new page until I have a chance to set up INAN here at SourceForge. It only seems logical that the INAN website should run INAN...and we are celebrating the first code release of a bare-bones, working version of INAN (v0.02).

13 November 2000 : Through no fault of INAN, the planned debut did not take place. *sigh* Better luck next time.

10 November 2000 : The first INAN-powered website will be debuted at the Louisiana Conference of Computer Using Educators conference in Alexandria, LA today!

4 October 2000 : Many little bugs have been fixed in the database abstraction layer; documentation for boxes.inc has also been posted.

21 September 2000 : Documentation has been posted to the "Documentation" page.


Thanks to the good people at Sourceforge for hosting this project and website. If you are an Open Source developer, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great resource.

This page last updated Wednesday, 20 March 2002.